Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pretty paper purses.

Since I've spent the last two three weeks mostly sitting with my leg up due to a recent fall, I've had time to craft... and it's been fun to try a few new things.

I've wanted to make one of these darling paper purses for at least a year! I'd seen a similar one on a few YouTube videos, but the instructions were hard to follow, and honestly? they seemed like too much work! Then I saw a video on the YouTube channel May May Made It Crafts and she had a really easy-to-follow video. This uses one 12x12 sheet of paper, plus a little bit of a coordinating paper.  

You should go check out May May's channel.... I just love her... she's such a kick.... and I love her accent (she's from Alabama). I've watched her since she had maybe 100 subscribers, and now she has 65,000 plus subscribers! She designs her own stamp sets now and sells them on her website May May Made It, plus many other of her most favorite tools and supplies (and I'm not getting paid to promote her.. I just love her!).

This purple and black one is the first one I made, kind of a test run so to speak, so I didn't use really gorgeous papers...... so after I finished this one, the next day I just HAD to make another one using some really summery/fall papers (scroll down to see it).  This was so fun and easy to make. Some of the other YouTube gals have made this same design, using gorgeous shabby papers (which I love).. and used lace trim on it which I also love! 

I crocheted the little flower on it.... and I used a 1-1/2" strip of paper for the bottom trim and used one of my decorative edges paper punches to dress it up a little bit. The next one I made, I used lace for the trim. You know me and lace. We are best friends!
I used velcro dots for the closure, but you could also use magnets or tie it closed. The finished size is about 7" wide by 4-1/2" tall.

My next one had to be a little more "shabby" and be ready for Fall decorating.

Oh my! I'm smitten with these! I used some very old peach eyelet lace that I had in my stash (from the 1970's) and some pretty autumn colors scrapbook paper from DCWV Project Stacks DIY Mini Albums. I glued vintage gold buttons at the bottom of each handle, front and back.

Here's the back. Isn't the paper so pretty? And love my double bow using some Dollar Tree peach chevron ribbon. I found a great tutorial for making double bows by Jak Heath. You can find the YouTube video tutorial here. You don't need any sort of tool.... just use your fingers which is so neat.

I used a big old vintage button on the flap, and tied it shut with ribbon instead of velcro. I think I like the velcro better... is much easier to open and close.

My hubby suggested I use it for a table centerpiece, with autumn colored leaves or flowers... so I immediately had to run to the Dollar Tree and get some pretty fall leaves!  I love how it looks with the leaves inside, and right now, it's sitting on our fireplace mantle. Oh hubby can come up with a good idea now and then! (  don't tell him I said so). I thought of using this for a little gift "box".. not as a centerpiece! ... but I really like it to use as a decoration.  Now I can picture a Christmas purse with holly and berries, a Halloween purse with tiny pumpkins on sticks... and so on and so forth..... for centerpieces on my dining table, or decorations for my mantle.

These little "purses" would also make sweet little gift "bags" to hold little notecards, soaps, candles, candies or soft goods. I put some fabric "fat quarters" in this one and it held about six with ease.

And since I was on a roll with "boxes", which I LOVE making (don't ask me why)........... I found a tutorial on some cute little gift/favor boxes using the WRMK (We are Memory Keepers) envelope punch board.  Oh how fun these were to make! Quick and easy and so fun to decorate.

Such a cute little box.. a mere 2-1/2 x 3 inches but oh so sweet.
I made three just for the pure joy of making them!  Here's the YouTube video by Dee Slater if you would like to make one.

Use 6x6' double sided papers..... see the little flap on the side? that is the reverse side of the paper. This one has cute bicycles on it.

........ and I thought how cute they would look on that table centerpiece idea that hubby came up with!

I'll be back soon with more projects! I'm trying to take advantage of my "down" time, although my knee is a little bit better. I can actually put some weight on it now (hush.. don't tell hubby....he's still waiting on me "somewhat" )!!

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Serenity - August 20, 2016

I'm in my element this summer with my gardens and flowers!

Have a simply serene Saturday.......  and thank you all for your lovely comments... I just love all of you!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Idle body....... busy hands.......

Since I've spent the last two weeks pretty much SITTING with my leg up.....(because of my fall two weeks ago), I decided it's a good time to play with all of my crafting goodies that have been gathering dust on my shelves this summer! Maybe try a few new things and projects........ maybe make a few things for my Etsy shop.....maybe bake something new (well. that was kind of hard to do but I made one attempt with limited success - more later on that).  

I've been glued to YouTube much of the time, getting ideas for new cards and projects. Would you believe I have 826 videos "liked" that I want to make???? Don't think I'll get those done in a lifetime, do you? It's just too addictive watching YouTube crafting videos.... that's all I can say.
I got this pretty Bo Bunny 6x6 paper pad on sale at our local Bi-Mart, so decided to make some quick little cards.  Hum.m.m.m.m and you think I bought it because it matches my flowers?

I found a video for some "quick" cards showcasing some Stampin' Up designer papers, although my cards didn't turn out so quick. I just can't seem to "do" quick.  Here's the link to the video by Jackie Bolhuis.  I loved how she took just 4 pieces of paper measuring 4 x 5-1/4", cut them up, and turned them into four pretty cards (you also needed the card bases) - I used white ones.

Here are my 4 cards:

Here is one of Jackie's cards (below). This card does not match her video, as I couldn't find a picture of those cards are her blog.. but this one below is very similar to her video as far as design.

Her video cards had doilies on them, but of course, I had to MAKE my own doilies! (used my Cricut cutting machine which I haven't used for months)... and also cut out the words, rather than stamping them (which is so much easier and quicker)! I did stamp one card and just used scalloped circles which can qualify it as a "quick" card.. the rest.... not so quick.

Here's the quick one.
The following ones I made my doily using the Cindy Loo Cricuit cartridge with the little bird on it, and I made the Thanks and Thank You with that same cartridge.

I put clear Stickles on the blue word that I cut out with the Cricut.
Matchy matchy flowers!

I used some silver paper for the words - so pretty! Gots to have some glam, right?

Aren't these cards just yummy and summery??  Love them!  Speaking of yummy, I just discovered a neat website called "Yummly". It's really neat with thousands of recipes. More about it in one of my next posts!

In the next day or two, I'll show you some of my other projects - I'm having a grand time, and having an "excuse" to craft, rather than go outside and work in the yard........ is kind of fun! (although I have still managed to get outside, crutches and all, to water and do a little weeding). Bad girl.........

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Be careful she said.........

I knew it was bound to happen one of these days. I'm always so careful... but I guess "careful" is only 
a word... no matter how hard you try! I tell everyone else to be careful and watch where they're walking. We don't want to fall and break a hip do we?

Well,,,,,,,,,,,I finaly tripped and fell! haven't done that for YEARS.  Stupid me.. not watching where I was going.... "and I'm always so careful" she says!

Was visiting my son up in Washougal, Washington where I used to live. He lives in his dad's house (which his dad and I built 30 years ago - his dad is now my "ex".)

So it's not as if I hadn't gone down those stairs to the deck about a million times! I lived in that house for 12 years.....I went up and down those stairs several times a day for 4,380 days.......I helped BUILD those stairs! But.........this time there was a 2x6 nailed to the deck at the bottom of the stairs to hold the ladder my ex was climbing on, to paint the side of the house....... (my ex is doing remodeling on the house).... I saw that board when I got there the day before, and said "boy that's kind of dangerous isn't it? it sticks out right at the bottom of the steps so someone could trip on it!"...... hum.m.m.m. does the ex listen to me? I don't think so!

To make a long story short.... I was bopping down the stairs to go into the house... door was open so I had my eye on the open door...(my husband and ex were "chatting" so I HAD to see what they were saying!.......... my right foot hit the 2x6 board... propelling me into forward motion towards the door and door jamb.... me trying to catch myself with no success... and down I went....... HARD on my right knee, hitting my left knee , and my left arm slammed into the door jamb, and I also somehow hit my right hip in the process. Don't ask me how I managed to hit just about every part of me!

It HURT way more than this picture looks!
I mean I rammed into that door jamb hard! What a shock that was. Had to lay there awhile to get my bearings... and those of you who have fallen... you know what I'm talking about when I say it was a shock.. and I felt sick afterwards (nausea... shakey, light headed)! I'm a pretty tough old gal and that really surprised me. What a wuss. 

Bruised hip which is really not that bad. See that dent on my leg lower down? Now THAT was a bruise! My horse kicked me there 30 years ago and my leg was black and blue from my waist down to my ankle! Now THAT was a bruise! My leg is permanently dented and vessels trashed.
We went into town and had to get me some crutches right away, as I could not put an ounce of weight on that knee. Oh I was mad. I was furious that I wasn't more careful! 

We came home early as no way could I navigate those steps anymore to get into the house. We left that night and came home. I went to doc the next day.. got an xray.. and found out a couple of days later that nothing is broken.... THANKFULLY.

So I'm at day 10 now and still hobbling around on crutches. I'm about ready to throw the things out the window! I hate them. I can't do what I want to do and it is really really hard to hobble around outside to do my yardwork.. in fact.. not much yardwork is getting done right now.  I can't kneel at all.. in fact if I did manage to get down on the ground to do some weeding, I would never be able to get up again without help.

I think this is only the second time in my life that I've had to be on crutches.. and it is NOT easy to get around... especially lugging my weight around. 

So I'm pretty laid up right now.. not doing a whole lot. My little "office" is set up in the living room so I can be on my computer and watch TV with my leg up on the footstool (with lots of ice). It's funny... my knee never got very black and blue.. I think I must have bruised it on the inside, under the kneecap... but it sure does hurt like holy you know what. 

At least I can gaze out at my pretty flowers...

.......... my veggies are doing really one lemon cucumber plant is taking over!  I've already eaten some and they are so mild.

The cherry tomatoes are coming on strong......

My raspberries have berries!

My dahlias are so pretty.... love the orange and yellow.....(please ignore the little chomp chomp holes from the earwigs.. they are very plentiful here!)

My old post box is awaiting the arrival of some new flowers! It may have to wait until next year......... any ideas of what I could put in it now since I won't probably make it to the garden nursery???

Today... I just moved out a bunch of my crafting stuff into the living room so I can watch YouTube videos and make things... that will keep me happy for awhile. Hubby is gone for a week house sitting.. so I'm alone to fend for myself. Whine whine. 

You don't realize how many times in a day you walk back and forth in the kitchen from counter to counter, and from the front of the house to the back of the house, or in and out of the garage! (whine some more).

So BE CAREFUL ........ and watch where you are walking.... especially in unfamiliar places!

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Our weather here in central Oregon has been gorgeous, but HOT... in the high 90's.. and so dry... there have already been two forest fires not too far from here... so I hope and pray everyone is being extra careful.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Flowers, bumble bees and the moon.

Pretty flowers on a Sunday afternoon........... 

Lantana - just love the pinks and oranges!

Daisies and gladiolus.

Our apricot colored gladiolus are just starting to bloom! Love this color!

Crocosmia - hummingbirds love them.

Marigolds and coleus... didn't think the coleus would grow outside here in the heat, but it's doing great!
The bumble bees LOVE the daisies.

Got my little old weathered bench painted..... so bright and cheerful....

The moon the other night was a HUGE harvest moon. I tried taking a picture of it with my little 20 pixel digital SLR camera and this is what I got... doesn't show how orange it was, but I like seeing all the "faces" of the moon.

It's 100 degrees here today and I went out for awhile to water my flowers and garden, but am safely ensconced in the house now where it's a cool 73 degrees!

Hope you had a nice Sunday afternoon.....

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