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Friday, March 6, 2020

Mountains and tea......

Hello everyone! Spring has "sprung" here in central Oregon - at least for the time being. Too much time has gone by since my last "hello".... so today I wanted to share some miscellaneous pretties and scenery from around here.

But first..... I want to share the prettiest little tea box that I made for a friend's birthday gift. I just love it! It was NOT easy and was time consuming, but when I saw Sherry at Posh Paper Lady  make it, I knew it would be perfect for my friend. It's very sturdy and holds many tea packets, and is "over the top" fancy to set out on the kitchen counter. (Note: her YouTube channel is my new addiction!)

Here it is:

I love the knob on the top! It makes it look very classy.

The little gold "feet" add some charm and take it to the "next level" as the Posh Paper Lady says.

Inside the box, I placed 10 tea pockets, each one holding some yummy chocolate-lavender tea. Yes! Chocolate tea! It was a Christmas brand from Stash, called Christmas in Paris. I loved it so much, I bought about 5 boxes of it (from Bi Mart) as it's only seasonal.

Each tea pocket has a quote on front. I also made two little triangle pouches to hold a Ghirardelli chocolate. Yum!

Since I was on the "tea" theme, I made some teapot Christmas cards. Each card has a pocket in the middle that holds a few tea bags and/or chocolate. I found the tutorial for these at Rejoice and Create.  

I've also had some fun making a couple of custom orders for my Etsy Shop - My Pink Paper Cottage. Again, more tea themed! I guess everyone loves tea - I sure do!

These are little "mini flipbooks" and measure 3" x 4".

..... and of course, it holds a packet of tea in the inside pocket.

As usual, my post is getting too long (what? me?)....... ha ha.... so I will close with some nice mountain views of some of the NINE mountains we can see here in central Oregon, as we drive south from Madras. 

These photos were taken by me on a recent trip to Prineville, OR, which is about 30 miles east of Madras. Most of the 9 mountains could be seen as I drove home, and especially Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood in their snow covered splendor! What a treat to have such a clear day. We have many days here in the winter when it is gray and overcast.

Broken Top, south of Mt. Jefferson.

Mt. Jefferson - to the West of Madras.

Mt. Jefferson.

Mt. Hood - further away, and to the Northwest of Madras.

One of the Three Sisters to the south and west of Madras.

This is such dry country where I live, so being privileged to be so close to these gorgeous mountains in the Cascade Range makes up for the arid climate (well, except that I still miss having a river nearby!).

Have a wonderful week all! Don't forget to set your clocks forward this weekend..........



  1. Marilyn, That present is just gorgeous! You do really beautiful work and I can bet it was time-consuming...but so worth it if it brings great joy to the reciever!
    I have been lucky enough to see those mountains in person and they are majestic.
    Happy Weekend- xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana... yes those mountains are so gorgeous! I take them for granted and shouldn't as there are not too many places in this United States where you can see so many all at once! Glad you got to witness them! Marilyn

  2. Marilyn, what a beautiful gift. Your friend is lucky. I can imagine that it was time consuming but you did such a great job. Your photos are so pretty. Wish I could take a paintbrush and make it look like that. We are having dreary rain today, but we do need it..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

    1. Hi Judy,Thank you for the nice comment. I did have fun with that tea box. This lady I follow on YouTube (Posh Paper Lady) makes such beautiful things. I want to make them all! And you and your paintbrush do beautiful things too! Take care.... we have 5 inches of snow right now (Sunday, March 15th)... hard to believe.... Marilyn

  3. Wow. Your paper crafts are lovely!! I think I would enjoy chocolate tea. :) And the picture sof the mountains...breathtaking!!! Have a blessed Sabbath!

    1. Thank you Anne. I thought I had replied to you but maybe not! (or it disappeared!). So I'm replying again. Yes.. that chocolate/lavender tea by Stash is wonderful. I LOVE it! I'm going to see where I can get more. And yes.. the mountains are gorgeous.. in person they are much better than my camera could capture. this is the dry country but the big mountains covered with snow kind of make up for the dryness of it. Marilyn

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  5. You are always so crafty with your beautiful cards and crafts. Love all of these. Glad you staying safe and well.
    Happy Easter.

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