Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Serenity - April 23, 2016

Go in the direction
of where
your peace
is coming from.

~C. JoyBell C.~

These (untouched) photos were taken on April 18, 2016 and are of Mt. Hood (and lower foothills to the south of Mt. Hood) to the west of where we were driving, between Maupin, OR and Madras, OR on Highway 197.  This is a stretch of very remote highway that makes me feel very serene every time I go there. I don't know why. It is both beautiful and mysterious. I can't help but stop about every mile, get out of the car, and gaze down into the canyons and off into the distance. I could sit there for hours and contemplate life and the beauty of nature. 

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  1. Simply stunning! Sunset is absolutely my favorite time of day. It's easy to see why you feel serene while looking at it Marilyn!


    1. Yes I agree! I have a love affair with the sky! I enjoy watching it all times of the day and night/evenings... love the clouds and the colors of pink, lavender, yellow, etc. The new to us (old) house we bought 6 months ago has NO west facing windows! That was very disappointing to me, but other things made up for it.. but now I have to go outside and walk around the house and look to the west to see the sunsets from our house.. not great but I get a peek out of a bedroom window, and if I see any color at all, I hurry out to see what's happening! Marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn. Your photos are really beautiful and we adore Oregon. We have been there a few times and are looking forward to hopefully going again this summer. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog and I hope that you do as many return visits as you like. After I took the photos of the roses, I left them sitting throughout the Cottage, usually I don't have that many bouquets at the same time, but the house just smelled so beautiful in every room. Those old roses really do have a sweet and lingering scent..Happy Thursday..Judy

    1. I bet your house smelled wonderful with all those roses! Hope you do make it to Oregon as it is such a beautiful and unique place, especially driving along the Columbia River Gorge. That is a MUST to see! Also the coast line. Marilyn


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