Tuesday, April 29, 2014

As of April 15th or so, those of you who follow my blog will NOT have received any of my blog posts in your email inbox!  Feedburner, the site that you signed up with is no longer working.  You will need to re-sign up to follow my blog using Bloglovin'.  Please click on the button below to re-sign to follow me with Bloglovin'.  It will take you to the Bloglovin' site for my blog, and then just click on the blue "follow" button and you're done!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

One pointer - have the email open in another tab that you want your Bloglovin' feeds to come to (in case you have more than one email), as Bloglovin' doesn't ask you which email you want to use.

I really am liking Bloglovin'.  Go check it out.  I'm going to follow all of my most favorite blogs using this site. You can search for your favorite blogs in their search bar on the top, and then it's as easy as clicking the "follow" button.  If you've been following other blogs who used Feedburner, you may wonder why you haven't received any of their blog posts. You may want to go to their blog and re-sign up to follow them, using whatever button they've put in their right sidebar. Some will be using Feedblitz, Feedly or others, and some use Bloglovin'.

You will receive an email from Bloglovin' either once a day (if there are blogs you follow who have posted) or once every few days, with all the recent posts you follow.  Very easy and fun. (Kind of nice not receiving 30 emails of all the different blogs you follow!) You can mark them as read, or save them for future reading. You can search in the different categories for all the blogs out there, and follow some new ones (as if we need NEW blogs to follow! - I have too many now).

Thank you for following my blog.  I really appreciate it! It lets me know I'm not "talking to the wind"!!


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